So I recorded about 365 km of walking on my entire trip. That doesn’t include all walking, of course. I don’t track much under 1 km and I obviously never track indoors. Anyway, from the 28th to the 28th, that’s 31 days, meaning I walked an average of 12 km per day. Not too shabby. […]

Über alles

As I am sending this, I have made it back to Germany and have 3G Internet again. Hurray! The trip from Prague to Germany was beautiful. We followed a nice river the whole way, which was dotted with colourful houses and green hills. It would be quite wonderful to come canoeing on this river, I […]


This is a world class city! It feels a lot like what I’d imagine Germany looked like, before they started a war and got their country burned down. From the moment I got off the train until today, I’ve been awed by the architecture and scenery. Prague manages to keep a lot of green and […]