Vienna: Day 3

I thought I’d write a little bit about Vienna: Day 3. The day started off lazy (remember, we’d been up late at Mozart the night before!), so I went out to fetch some breakfast. I saw a denn’s Biomarkt (a German organic store) and decided to have a look inside as I passed.

We’ve started a little tradition in Wiesbaden where we check denn’s in the morning for expiring discount organic food, so we get some (supposedly) healthier stuff at the same price as normal food. It was eerie. The store’s layout was a little different but, hundreds of kilometres away in another country, everything else was identical. The cash registers were unmanned. The employees were checking over the shelves for expired goods. 20% and 50% off labels were on the food, including milk (we often buy for homemade yogurt) and almost the identical cheese we buy. I went to the cash register and rang the bell for service, forgetting if I was in Wiesbaden or Wien. Franchises and capitalism. Awesome but scary.

Get to the part about the food!

Anyhow, I picked up some apparently local variety of salami for our rye bread. It tastes a little weird, maybe with paprika and some other spices. Still, it’s nice to try a different salami. With our stomachs temporarily filled, we set out for Schloß Schönbrunn.


It was a lot different than when I visited with my mom in the summer back in 2010. Everything was dead and it was quite cold. Still, the palace itself was nice and there was a great Christmas market out in front. We bought our first ornament together for our future Christmas tree.

After the cold walk, we sat inside the Café Residenz for some Apfelstrudel. As you can imagine, I did not have Apfelstrudel, since I hate baked apples, but I did have some Topfenstrudel, which was alright. Jelena enjoyed the strudel a lot and plans to eat more before we leave.


Vienna: Day 3 is about the food

backerei_wenningerTo be honest, every day is about the food, isn’t it? But after the Apfelstrudel, we set out for a cute bakery we found the other day on a side street in the centre, Wenninger Bäckerei. The door handle is a pretzel and there were lots of breads and cookies within. We picked up some Vanillekipferl and Linzer Augen. Jelena has her own Vanillekipferl recipe and, to be honest, I think hers is a lot better! But they were tasty all the same. We also picked up some yet to be eaten rye Brötchen (bread rolls – or, as they call them here, Semmel), which I hope are also great.

tafelspitzDirectly after our bread acquisition, we set out for Restaurant D’Landsknecht, in search of Tafelspitz, another specialty of Austria. While we both thought it was quite tasty, personally, I think boiled meat is probably on the bottom of the possible ways to cook meat. I associate it with cafeteria food and it reminds me somewhat of corned beef. I guess I’m not crazy because, apparently, boiled beef was a working class dish in England. Working class or not, it was delicious, so I’m not too snooty to enjoy chowing down on meat and potatoes. On the contrary, meat and potatoes are what make life worth living.

Time to head home

A day of eating behind us, we made our way to the tea shop to pick up some sencha, our go-to green tea, so we could warm up, eat our cookies, and sip our tea. Another great day in Vienna. Tomorrow, we plan to set out for Schloss Belvedere. Of course, we’ll only be killing time until the next eating adventure at Zu den 3 Buchteln!


Vienna Honeymoon

It’s been a long time since my last update but I wanted to get back into recording my travels! What better time than on my Vienna Honeymoon?

Jelena and I have been having a great time so far. We arrived on Saturday, taking the train all the way from Wiesbaden. I had a free ticket with my train points, so the whole thing was rather cheap. Can’t complain! I also played Crusader Kings II most of the way.

The food

Our food adventures have so far been excellent. Once we were settled, it was getting late but we needed to eat. We’d read about Zu den 3 Buchteln but they were booked out that night. We walked around and ended up settling on Sixta, which I highly recommend! Apparently, it’s popular with the gay scene but as long as you’re not a Republican from the US, it’s probably not a problem for you. We had something called Fiakergulyas, which the menu translates as traditional Austrian goulash with a bread dumpling, fried egg and pickle. It was delicious!

This morning, we had a reservation at Salzberg, a place Jelena found when we were looking for Sunday brunch opportunities. It was another perfect choice, with great food and service. I took the opportunity to eat criminal amounts of bacon, as expected. What wasn’t expected was to find eggs in a glass. I don’t know that I’ve seen it before but it’s a tasty idea. Everyone kept taking them, so I thought, well, why not? I wasn’t disappointed.


Then, for (late) lunch, we went to a recommended noodle place, called Ra’mien. It was also quite delicious but apparently it’s very hyped up: I would not go out of my way to go there. Still, 3/3 places with no disappointment yet. For dinner, we had some yummy rye bread.

What’s next for the Vienna Honeymoon?

While walking around town today, we scored some tickets for a performance of Mozart Requiem, at St. Stephan’s Cathedral. It’s starting at 23:58 and presumably goes for an hour. Very excited!

On Tuesday, we have a reservation for the earlier mentioned Zu den 3 Buchteln, where we’ll have dinner and try Buchteln. So lots of eating still ahead. Other than that, we have no plans other than enjoying all Vienna has to offer. It’s a great city, so expect some great updates! You can also use Travel to Live to see what we’ve got planned so far.

You’ve always got time…

I know I should be excited about Simon’s wedding but there’s something on my mind that I just can’t stop thinking about. I’ve been looking forward to it, counting the days and hours even. I want it more than I’ve ever wanted anything. There’s no denying it. I am hopelessly in love – with Timbits. 13 hours to go until we are reunited. We’ve been apart too long. Chocolate dip. Honey dip. Old fashioned glazed. Soon, my sweet, we will be together again.

Always fresh.

Important to know

If you’re planning a trip to Japan, here is the single most useful piece of information:

小 – small
大 – big
If you memorize nothing else, memorize these two symbols. There will come a time when you are desperately searching for a button to flush the toilet. When you see one of these guys, your business transaction can be concluded, young grasshopper. Go forth and use this knowledge in an environmentally responsible manner.

One last good meal: Yakiniku at Jojoen

I went to the airport via Tokyo Station and finally got the chance to take Felicity up on her recommendation. Having only had a very light breakfast, I bought a mouth-watering but also stupidly expensive order of Yakiniku from Jojoen. I wrote down this recommendation from Felicity a while ago.

Well she was right! It was delicious!!! Very good meat… very juicy. It was with the 3.880¥!
Sitting at the gate now. Bordering starts in 1.5 hours.


I had a nice but terribly hot day in Kyoto yesterday. For dinner, I decided to splurge and finally get something good: Sukiyaki.

It’s thinly sliced beef, cooked with some vegetables and such. The coolest part is, they cook it right in front of you, at your table. Japan really knows about service. The man even pushed the elevator button on the way out for us.
The beef was very good, of good quality and well prepared. Check in Wikipedia for more details. But it was definitely the best meal of the trip. A fitting end.
So, the trip is finally over. I’m in the train back to Tokyo. What an adventure. I might post a follow-up post when I feel like it. It may just have odds and ends. We will see.