Day 2: Toulon to (almost) Saint Tropez

Well, there is a reoccurring theme here of missing my arbitrary (and aggressive) targets. I guess the second theme is death climbs. We were supposed to pass Saint Maxime but we stopped before Saint Tropez. The amount of elevation was not foreseen – bad planning and lack of experience on my part. But given thatContinue reading “Day 2: Toulon to (almost) Saint Tropez”

Day 1: Marseille to (almost) Toulon

After our little visit to Paris, we hopped on the train to Marseille. It took only three and a half hours to cross the whole of France – French trains are amazing. Once we arrived, we put the bikes back together one last time (hopefully) and made our way outside. It’s amazing how Marseille feelsContinue reading “Day 1: Marseille to (almost) Toulon”

Preparing to meet the Alps via the Splügen pass

The hardest part of the trip by far (and the crowning achievement) will be our journey over the Alps. Besides worries about sustaining long rides over two weeks, my main worry is about making it to the top of the Splügen Pass. I chose Splügen because we had to cross somewhere and I thought thisContinue reading “Preparing to meet the Alps via the Splügen pass”

Marseille to Munich by bike

It’s time to dust off this blog and start writing about my upcoming cycling journey! I guess it makes sense to start with an overview of the trip. On Friday night, we’ll take a train to Paris and sleep near the train station. Early the next morning, I’ll give Bert a whirlwind tour of ParisContinue reading “Marseille to Munich by bike”

Heading home on Deutsche Bahn!

Well that was an awesome trip. In total, it was over 260km, over three days. I’ve got some soreness in the legs but I’m feeling totally fine over all. Here are some learnings: – Gear is important!! Padded biking shorts were a life saver (in that they saved the lives of my future children). SideContinue reading “Heading home on Deutsche Bahn!”