Day #15: Departure Gate

My heartfelt thanks to Matthew for his incredible hard work and efforts in planning and being the cycling leader of a brilliant and life expanding journey.

Of all the many things experienced – witnessed, lived and felt – what I will remember most is the comraderie. It was a privilege to share this experience with him and to bicycle in the draft of his planned adventure.

He filled so many roles in planning and executing our bicycle experience. I don’t know how he did it – or how he did it so well – one could not ask for a better bicycling comrade on this unique adventure. He was a great match for my own cycling abilities and I struggled to keep up with him on many hills.

Amazing job. Très bien. Molto bene. Gut gemacht.

Matthew is: the boss; the instigator; the architect; the coordinator; the cartographer; the navigator; the translator; the financier; the accountant; the chef; the gourmet; the bicycle sherpa; the athlete; the tourist; the comedian; the confidant; the friend.

We did 1280+ kilometers of cycling across thirteen days and six countries; passing through the French coast, Italy, the Ligurian Apennines (Northwest Italy), Splugen Pass, Switzerland, Lichtenstein,
Austria and Germany. It’s been so incredibly enriching and fulfilling.

There’s still so much to share, but not enough time…for now. Sign up to follow Matthew’s blog and you’ll get notifications regarding new posts about our adventures.

There’s still so many stories to tell of landscapes; mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, serpentine roads, ascents, descents, peaks and valleys and emotional peaks and valleys.

So many stories to tell of train rides, dismantling bikes, guarding bikes, carrying bikes, cable ties, grocery store trips, swimming on beaches, fighting for road space, bad drivers, avoiding pedestrians, camping, cold camping, wet camping, late night arrivals, late check outs, cows, goats, rabbits, hard work, team work and of starting to sing while we tackled the thing that couldn’t be done and we did it!

So many stories to tell about our encounters with guardian angels, camp custodians, campers, hotel concierges, bakers, waiters, bicyclists, the mafia, the cheese master of Spluga and the urn bearer.

So many stories to tell about our peregrination, perspicacity, perseverance, pedalling and persperation.

So, so much sweat…and so many carbs – the breads, the pastries, the pizzas, the oats; the cold milk, cappucinos and Apfelschorles; the pasta, spaghetti and candy spaghetti!

Hoping you all keep your mind open and that this inspires you to search for your own next adventure, big or small.

Signing off from Europe.
– Bertrand

4 thoughts on “Day #15: Departure Gate

  1. Thanks, Bert. I couldn’t have done it without you. You are a perfect companion for our many adventures, from New York to Japan, and all across Europe – not to mention all the future adventures, now only dreams.

    I can’t wait until the next one but we’ve already gathered several lifetimes of memories. Thank you.


  2. Bert, I have enjoyed this amazing trip through your eyes and Matthew’s. What an incredible journey! Thank you for sharing this great trip! I look forward to the many stories and pictures that will follow! Congratulations on completing your objective…with experiences that far exceeded your expectations!


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