On the way home by train

Well, we rode our last kilometres to the Munich train station and are on our long three-train-and-six-hour journey back to Frankfurt.

I’m looking forward to seeing Jelena and sleeping in my own bed. Tonight I plan to only wake up my usual few times, instead of the million or so I do in the tent. I can’t wait to use my electric toothbrush.

It’s been such an amazing trip. I plan to chronicle all the days I missed here, even for my own sake. I hope you’ll be interested in the stories and pictures.

I need to digest everything I’ve seen over the last two weeks. Marseille feels like another lifetime.

2 thoughts on “On the way home by train

    1. It really almost couldn’t have gone better. Sure, there were hiccups and even disasters but for such a complicated and far-ranging trip, it went great. Truly a life accomplishment.


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