Day 6: Onward through Genoa and up the mountains!

Today was another great day! We got a late start but we needed a lot of recovery after yesterday.

The day started with a feast – of course. I whipped up some oats and then mixed them with fried French salami and garlic. We also had leftover ciabatta with butter, Tiroler ham, and some young pecorino cheese. Oh yeah and some hard pears and a few grapes.

After stuffing ourselves and stuffing our bike bags, we rolled down the hill and got back on the coast. That took us to Genoa, a big port city and former trade power in Italy. We got pretty badly bogged down in endless city traffic but we did manage to get our hands on some focaccia.

Wait, is this a bike tour or a food tour? Continuing the bike tour with an increasing desire to escape the city, we headed upwards along a valley and out of Genoa. It was a long climb, to almost 900m with repeated downs and ups – it was great!!

Along the way, we stopped at a fruit stand, run by a really nice lady. She gave us a plate and knife to eat our watermelon – and somewhere to sit.

Once again, the views were amazing but finally we got a nice change of scenery, after so much coast. Going into the mountains was really nice. I can’t believe people are building villages and towns in these hard-to-reach places! It was also nice to cool down, after so many 30+ days of death.

Our trip took us sometimes off the main road and onto these small and ever-climbing country roads. We went through some really cool small villages, mostly with old people but also some with children.

Our original plan was an impossible 160km because of 70-80km of downhill but we called it a day at 90, due to the time of day and state of our legs. Luckily, the camp site was beside a pizzeria!!!

Amazing stuffed pasta and spicy salami pizza. I was in heaven! Bert had some other stuff, as you can see, and he also enjoyed it.

Anyhow, we are in for the night and I might just fall asleep at a reasonable time. The only thing keeping me up is my loyal readers. Good night from Italy. Buona notte!

6 thoughts on “Day 6: Onward through Genoa and up the mountains!

  1. Best post yet! My favourite is the watermelon at the fruit stand. That just seemed so small village-like. You’ve been so lucky with the weather – I know it’s been hot, but no rain. Hope the rain isn’t too bad today! The camp sites look strange. I have heard they are different from Canada – but they look like you are camping out on someone’s deck. We are heading to TIFF this wkend – very excited! But of course we will check the postings! We will be in some long lines. Have fun and be safe!


    1. We camped under a shelter because of the rain.

      The fruit stand was at the side of the road, not in a village!

      The rain was a lot this morning but now it’s done. (knock on wood)

      Have fun at TIFF!!


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