Day 5: From Ventimiglia to outside of Genoa

Yesterday we completed our best day of cycling yet. Amazing views, personal records broken, and great food. I know it’s a little out of order but I’ll come back to the other days later.

We started the day around Ventimiglia, a town more or less on the Italian border. I transfered trains there during my European backpacking trip!

We got up at a decent time (7 something) and worked to get out ASAP. It’s hard to pack everything, eat, and hit the road by a good time, especially when you always get in so late. We’re trying to reverse this trend without much success so far.

Our breakfast was bread, salami, and apples – and this Sicilian treat, called cannoli! They were pretty decent. Italian supermarkets are filled with amazing food, including a long aisle devoted to pasta and even a whole meat-counter-style area with fresh pasta of all kinds.

Well-fuelled, we got underway and made our journey along the coast. The biking was straightforward and the views were jaw-dropping. I asked Bert, how many mind-blowing views can one man take?

Unfortunately for you, the reader, those will have to stay mental memories for me, but I did get this one of Bert along the coast! We were almost always going along the coast. At one point, it was just us and the sound of the waves.

We were making such great progress that we decided to eat out and hit the beach, after around 67km. It was a cafeteria-style place at the beach and I got pasta (farfalle and bolognese) and a mixed dish of veggies and cold meat. There was actually multiple bottles of olive oil around, as if it was ketchup!

The water was a bit cool but it hit the spot. The waves were really fun.

Filled up and cooled down, we set out to continue our epic journey along a beautiful stretch of Italian coast.

Just kidding – we went for ice cream! Actually, I think that was quite a while later but it gives me the chance to introduce my dinner shopping! I found trophi noodles and fresh genovese pesto – it’s from this region. A great reward was set out.

Well that’s a weird photo. Also, I really think my new glasses look dumb. But they keep the wind and sun out of my eyes, so that’s all I care. I can’t see myself!

We rolled into the camp at about 20:30, which was actually one of the earlier times. Like always, reception was already closed. But this time, we couldn’t get ahold of anybody!! After a massive hill of doom, we were preparing for the worst – then the woman suddenly showed up and let us in. Time to eat!!

Those are rice arrancini on the right. They were cold but who cares when you need calories.

We did a personal record-breaking 135.1km yesterday. What a great day. We are back on track, minus only 1 full day. We are feeling really positive now and are ready to seize this day, even if it is predicted to rain. Good thing we came prepared! Now to eat some breakfast.

7 thoughts on “Day 5: From Ventimiglia to outside of Genoa

  1. You will realize when you return to everyday life, just how luck you are to have had this experience! Let us know, what the next days target is. It’s fun to watch the tracking, but I never know what you guys are aiming for. Are you prepared for cold weather. Forecast for Splügen is going to include single digit highs. Your hot days are numbered! Good luck!


    1. We are heading over the mountains to some place. I forget. The target is 153km with like 80km downhill. Not sure it is doable but we are feeling good.

      Yes, we are prepared for colder weather!


  2. Wow…is all I can say. Love the food pictures – I especially like the plate of cold cuts and veggies. It must be great to ride around the coast – the mention of the waves was perfect! Must be great for clearing your mind and living in the moment! Look forward to every entry. Have fun and be safe!


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