Day 2: Toulon to (almost) Saint Tropez

Well, there is a reoccurring theme here of missing my arbitrary (and aggressive) targets. I guess the second theme is death climbs. We were supposed to pass Saint Maxime but we stopped before Saint Tropez.

The amount of elevation was not foreseen – bad planning and lack of experience on my part. But given that we did 92km yesterday, I can’t say we didn’t accomplish anything. Besides, the cycling is great.

But I’d say the highlight of the day was not the cycling – it was the beach break! We knew it’d throw us off track with time but we also knew we needed a lunch break and a dip to cool off.

The water was absolutely great! It was exactly what we needed and I don’t think I’ve ever earned something so well in my life.

The climbs might be punishing but I’m really enjoying it. Can we keep it up? That’s the question. Because there are (much) harder days ahead. We’ve been evaluating a series of backup plans (trains) and we do have 2 extra days to spread out the kilometres. We will almost certainly do that today.

The key is to get to the camp earlier and rest more. Last night, we arrived quite late again. The food options were also limited.

Yes, it’s salmon. 😦

Anyhow, we grabbed a good spot for the tent, so I could have another bad sleep with many pees.

This morning was oats with roasted almonds and spring onions, and day-old baguettes.

OK, we’ve got to finish getting ready, so we can get back on the road!!

13 thoughts on “Day 2: Toulon to (almost) Saint Tropez

  1. Another amazing day! The beach looks incredible! That porridge looks interesting. It reminded me of being on Survivor. Hopefully you are getting enough to eat. Loving the Blog and your Dad and I are following the Live Activity all through the day. Once again, have fun and be safe!

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  2. The beach looks really great! Remember to give your body time to recover! Dad keeps carrying his phone around checking on your live feed. I asked him how many people is he going to show at work tomorrow! Harlow, Natalia and Josh say hi! Albus and the cats are indifferent. 😁

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