Day 1: Marseille to (almost) Toulon

After our little visit to Paris, we hopped on the train to Marseille. It took only three and a half hours to cross the whole of France – French trains are amazing. Once we arrived, we put the bikes back together one last time (hopefully) and made our way outside.

It’s amazing how Marseille feels like a totally different country, when compared with Paris just 3 hours later. Bert was blown away and even though I’ve been here before, I couldn’t help but be too.

After some issues finding our way through the chaotic streets, we got under way on our bike trip proper. At 30+ degrees and with a huge amount of climbing in the first half, this turned out to be a more grueling first day than anticipated. But it was worth it.

As we ascended the hills beyond Marseille, we were treated not with just leg-punishing climbs but also eye-watering views! I can only recommend this road to anybody – but probably with a car if you’re not into punishment.

I’m worried we started too strong – we definitely got thrown into the deep end, probably owing a lot to the high heat – we bought at least 12 litres of water yesterday… but it was a great day and according to one of Bert’s very many positive mantras, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

Well, I had too many pictures and not enough more to say about them, so enjoy.

We got into the camp very late. Actually, we ended up chopping off around 15km because of how behind we were. We’re hoping to make it up today. Let’s hope the second day is easier and that the tiredness in my legs is only temporary!

Bert’s still asleep. I envy people’s ability to sleep!

Now I’ve got to get back to something much more important – French bread!

9 thoughts on “Day 1: Marseille to (almost) Toulon

  1. How many ‘trips of a lifetime‘ can one person take?! Day 1 and I already feel like my mind is blown! I’m glued to my iPad, waiting for the next entry. Good luck with the ‘punishment’!


  2. I agree with your Dad… and Danielle…we were all enjoying your travels yesterday. Mallory and Tim were here and while we waited for their arrival we were all watching your progress. We even had Opa involved. We knew that it was getting late for you and that you would have to stop soon. Then your Dad actually found the camp site you were staying at. Very exciting! Good luck with the tired legs! Have fun and be safe!


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