My Trip to London for Travel Technology Europe

I had intended a big write-up about my trip to London but I’m a little written-out after writing a post on our developer blog. In the end, I think you can get an idea of my adventures with my Travel Technology Europe 2017 Report over on Travel to Live.

There wasn’t much time for fun. I flew into London City Airport, attended the convention all day, ate food with a friend, went to the convention the next day, and flew back out of Heathrow. I’d call it a whirlwind trip to London but since I got a chance to eat great food and meet an old friend, I’d also call it a great success. My whole trip is here on TTL.

Next week, I’m travelling to Berlin but I’m planning to do some more sightseeing and writing, so stay tuned! My ITB Berlin Trip is also online, so you can follow the updates of my plans there. That’s it for now!

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