Planning for London!

It’s time to start planning for my trip to London! I’m heading there later this month to attend Travel Technology Europe. I hope to learn about the latest with the travel industry and maybe make some contacts while I’m there. If all else fails, there’s always food! I won’t be eating at cafes this time – I’m thinking curry on this trip!

We finally published the trip widget feature on Travel to Live, which allows you to insert custom maps into your blog. I’m pretty excited about it because I don’t need to take static screenshots of my trips anymore. Now I can just insert the whole trip into my post. Pretty cool.

Unfortunately, it’s only available on the paid or self-hosted versions of WordPress, so you can see what it would look like here.

There’s what I’ve got planned so far in London. Maybe there’ll be more by the time you are reading this! That’s the cool thing about it: it’s a living trip, embedded into your blog. Go ahead and click on any points to go to the site and see more. Find out how to insert your own trip widget on your blog.

As you can see, I’ll be flying into the London City airport and then out of Heathrow. I’ve never been to either, so it’ll be a new experience. Previously, I’ve only flown Ryanair to London, so I always came via Stanstead – what an awful experience! This time, I’m flying with British Airways.

Jelena won’t be along for the trip, so I’m staying in a hostel. I hope to meet some people there and ask them what they think about Travel to Live. You can also follow my London trip there or here. In fact, my blog now shows on the site as well, under my profile. Neat, eh?

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