Schnitzel Day

Today began much like the previous days, eating bread and salami, making our way slowly out into the world. The chili salami I bought yesterday turned out to be yummy but Jelena found it too spicy. We started the day by checking out some shops. First, we looked in a local organics shop for some whole milk powder but came up empty. Next, we went to Xocolat, an overpriced specialty chocolate shop with a wide range of different chocolate options. Jelena was really excited and bought a few things there. I thanked the God of Chocolate that he did not decide to open such a shop in Wiesbaden.

After exploring a little, it was time to head over to Figlmüller’s, the supposed home of the best Schnitzel in Vienna. I’d read not just reviews but also random blogs people had posted, in an effort to determine if it was really true. Even the guy who owns our Airbnb claimed this was the place to go, even if it was a bit touristy. Well, the Schnitzel was undoubtedly delicious and huge but I’d be surprised if there weren’t comparably tasty Schnitzels all over town. I’ve certainly tasted similarly mouthwatering Schnitzels before.


Where I felt let down was with the sides. The potatoes were clearly cooked a while ago and the salad was good but too expensive. In the end, we didn’t spend too much because we shared the giant Schnitzel, so I can’t really complain. I also wouldn’t complain anyway because the meal was excellent, due to the good salad and great Schnitzel. I’d say this was another success, only that I wouldn’t recommend bothering with this tourist stop. Find your delicious Schnitzel elsewhere!

The eating procession continues outside

The day didn’t turn out as cold as predicted, so we explored some more of the city. We ended up at the Christmas market outside the city hall and took the chance to explore the dozens of booths. I often find it disappointing how overpriced everything is at Christmas markets. You end up buying nothing because you feel it’s all a scam. Well, we finally came upon a booth with some reasonably priced cookies and picked various ones to sample. We munched on those as we continued our exploration of the city. Yum.

After consuming our cookies and gorging our eyes on extravagant imperial architecture, we started to make our way toward the next cafe Jelena wanted to try, Cafe Sperl. Similar to Tirolerhof, it is a nice, relaxed cafe with an older, cozy interior. Jelena took the house special cake (Sperl Schokoschnitte) and I had the Sachertorte.


Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of the Sachertorte, because it’s got that vile jam in it. I’m a chocolate lover but a jam hater. Jelena says I need to broaden my horizons but my continued well being demands I don’t finish this sentence. The tea was good and Jelena enjoyed her cake but wished she had ordered the Sachertorte. Well, there’s still time left for more cake eating and we plan to go to another cafe tomorrow.

Cafe Jelena

After several hours at the cafe, reading and working a little on Travel to Live, we decided to pack up and do some little grocery shopping for dinner. We had some leftover cheese and vegetables I brought from Wiesbaden (it’d have spoiled otherwise), so Jelena threw that together with eggs and leftover bread, which we toasted.


We both thought that it turned out to be really flavourful and delicious. With an uninterrupted string of great eating, the pressure was high and Cafe Jelena delivered. We were very satisfied with our dinner.

Our plans for tomorrow aren’t set in stone but we’d like to go to another cafe and to visit a huge Christmas market by Karlsplatz in the evening. We don’t know yet what we’re going to eat but I’m confident it will be amazing.


One thought on “Schnitzel Day

  1. That schnitzel is huge!!! This trip has made me so hungry. I especially like the cafes. Glad the weather made getting around a little easier.


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