Zu den 3 Buchteln

Today’s the day – we finally made it to Zu den 3 Buchteln and got a table. But much like one of those TV shows that annoyingly shows the ending first, before going back to 1 day earlier, you’re first going to have to read about our adventures on day 4.

After eating some bread from a local bakery and that strange salami from yesterday, we set out for Schloss Belvedere. We quickly discovered today was a lot colder than days past but it was about to get much, much worse. Belvedere also has a Christmas market but it’s definitely not comparable to Schönbrunn’s. However, I spotted some chili salami for 2,30€ and couldn’t resist. I’m excited about trying it tomorrow!


We set about exploring the grounds and taking photos. That’s when we noticed it was even colder than we thought. There was one of those cold, terrible winds and the grounds of Belvedere are all open and exposed. It’s a wonder we managed to take any pictures at all because our fingers were ready to freeze and snap right off. What a coward I’ve become in the face of cold. I am a Canadian in name only. After circling the grounds, we made a discrete exit and b-lined it for the restaurant.


False start

We crossed town as quickly as possible, trying to hide from the wind, fearing every corner would bring another cold gust of torture. You can see from the 3km mark that I did a half-decent job of getting us there as quickly as possible. I’m actually getting the hang of our little area of Vienna and quite like the area we chose to “live” in.


Fingers freezing, noses running, we finally made it to the restaurant, ready for our much deserved lunch. There was just one little problem, which I had morbidly joked about along the way: Zu den 3 Buchteln opens at 6pm. It was just past 1! My God, why have you forsaken me? Luckily, we had been in this situation before and had earlier considered the Thai place across the street. Jelena had low expectations but with empty stomachs and broken spirits, our options were limited: we cautiously entered Thai Kitchen.

Happy surprises

We each took a lunch menu. Jelena thought about eating a soup but since we had decided to go to Zu den 3 Buchteln for dinner, honouring our original reservation, I recommended we eat light. As it turned out, the lunch menu came with soup! And a salad! And an apple! Later eating was immediately forgotten. We were living in the now -and what a delicious now. The food was great. We both had duck, rice and various whatevers that you get with Thai food. I left a 5 star review on Google. Another Vienna food success story.

Jelena’s meal at Thai Kitchen

Today was not a day to be spent outside. We had learned that lesson the hard way. We dropped by home shortly to pick up some things before setting out to Cafe Tirolerhof. As is typical of a Viennese cafe, we hung around there for a few hours, without any pressure or inclination to move on. Jelena had read they had good Kaiserschmarrn and I did not need to be convinced to eat a sugary pastry. Yum! I also typed out a post on the developer blog about eating your own dog food. It’s not what you think: it has nothing to do with actual dog food or any food at all. It’s a term that refers to your company using its own products.


I can definitely recommend this cafe. It’s cozy. It has good food. There’s free WiFi to steal from some neighbouring place. What more could you want?

Zu den 3 Buchteln

With another successful eating experience behind us, it was time to pay the bill and move on to the next gorging opportunity. At long last, we could go to the long awaited Zu den 3 Buchteln, having failed already twice to eat there. We took the metro to avoid the cold and walked quickly to our destination. Stepping through the door and into the completely empty restaurant, we instantly knew we had made a good choice.

You know those restaurants that feel homely and not commercial? This was the kind of place making the kind of food you imagine a little Austrian grandmother makes. Actually, there was just one (older) woman there, cooking, taking the orders, and giving you the bill. When we tried to eat there on Saturday, there was that same woman and one other. Definitely a small time place.

I ordered some kind of breaded pierogies with smoked duck and cabbage, over beluga lentils. Jelena had “Fleischtascherl”, which were some sort of pierogi or Maultaschen sort of thing. It was all excellent; though, I liked mine better. We also tried the much awaited Buchteln, which I didn’t really care for in the end. Jelena quite enjoyed them. All in all, another really great food experience. Let’s keep it up!


Tomorrow, we plan to try the supposed best Schnitzel in town. It’s not a Wiener Schnitzel (from veal) but it’s supposed to be very large and very tasty. Worst case scenario: I’ll eat two Schnitzels this week.


One thought on “Zu den 3 Buchteln

  1. Wow!!! My mouth is watering. Everything sounds fabulous! This sounds like a wonderful trip. Too bad the weather is so cold…but like you said, you are Canadian, you can handle it. And Jelena is Serbian, they are tough too! When wonderful food is the end reward – it is worth it!
    The pressure is on tomorrow.


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