Vienna Honeymoon

It’s been a long time since my last update but I wanted to get back into recording my travels! What better time than on my Vienna Honeymoon?

Jelena and I have been having a great time so far. We arrived on Saturday, taking the train all the way from Wiesbaden. I had a free ticket with my train points, so the whole thing was rather cheap. Can’t complain! I also played Crusader Kings II most of the way.

The food

Our food adventures have so far been excellent. Once we were settled, it was getting late but we needed to eat. We’d read about Zu den 3 Buchteln but they were booked out that night. We walked around and ended up settling on Sixta, which I highly recommend! Apparently, it’s popular with the gay scene but as long as you’re not a Republican from the US, it’s probably not a problem for you. We had something called Fiakergulyas, which the menu translates as traditional Austrian goulash with a bread dumpling, fried egg and pickle. It was delicious!

This morning, we had a reservation at Salzberg, a place Jelena found when we were looking for Sunday brunch opportunities. It was another perfect choice, with great food and service. I took the opportunity to eat criminal amounts of bacon, as expected. What wasn’t expected was to find eggs in a glass. I don’t know that I’ve seen it before but it’s a tasty idea. Everyone kept taking them, so I thought, well, why not? I wasn’t disappointed.


Then, for (late) lunch, we went to a recommended noodle place, called Ra’mien. It was also quite delicious but apparently it’s very hyped up: I would not go out of my way to go there. Still, 3/3 places with no disappointment yet. For dinner, we had some yummy rye bread.

What’s next for the Vienna Honeymoon?

While walking around town today, we scored some tickets for a performance of Mozart Requiem, at St. Stephan’s Cathedral. It’s starting at 23:58 and presumably goes for an hour. Very excited!

On Tuesday, we have a reservation for the earlier mentioned Zu den 3 Buchteln, where we’ll have dinner and try Buchteln. So lots of eating still ahead. Other than that, we have no plans other than enjoying all Vienna has to offer. It’s a great city, so expect some great updates! You can also use Travel to Live to see what we’ve got planned so far.

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