Unity is strength

My training in the capsule hotel is complete. I am now an effective member of Japanese society. Unity is strength.

The breakfast was again adequate this morning. It met our nutritional needs. The surface in the sleeping capsule was hard, which encourages us to be strong. Softness is weakness.
It was difficult to return the uniform and wear Outsider clothing again. Yesterday, we did this as well, to partake in the Tenjin Matsuri Festival. The procession of boats was very orderly. Order brings unity. Unity is strength. There were very many stands of delicious food. Strangely, people eat fried eggs for snacks. There were also, perhaps, more people going through the transit system than I’ve ever seen but it all worked somehow. I attribute this to the resolve and unity of the Japanese people. Society above all.
We also went to the beach earlier in the day. It was great, since the heat was unbearable yesterday (and every day). We didn’t get a chance to go surfing but just getting in the water was awesome.
Today, I am going for a final, easy day in Kyoto. I will return to Haneda airport tomorrow morning.
Unity is strength,

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