Capsule hotel night 2

I wore the supplied pajamas today. Everyone wears them. Unity is strength. My designation is C208. I do not know why I ever needed a name. Names are for the Outsiders.

The shower and bathing facilities were enjoyable. C208 is now clean. Cleanliness is honourable.
It is very late. C208 is in the designated relaxation area. The clothes from the outside world are being cleaned. The drying device takes very long and consumes many coins. Yen is not needed here. Yen is for the outside world.
C208 is very tried. Soon, I will go to the capsule. The capsule is unity. Unity is strength.

5 thoughts on “Capsule hotel night 2

  1. Edit
    Ralph Kirschnick said…
    I trust the appropriate dormant period has expired. Have all the capsule occupants returned to the outside world to resume their duties as sentient beings? Go into the world and be one with the outsiders once more C208. As always Unity is Strength!


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