A night at a capsule hotel

So we spent our first night at a capsule hotel. Definitely weird, awesome, and terrible all at once.

After you surrender your shoes and check in, you get a locker, where you can put your stuff. Then you can go to your capsule and enjoy the various facilities, including a bathhouse and sauna.
The capsule itself was big enough but still a bit closterphobic-feeling. It was like sleeping in the bottom bunk, which I always try to avoid. The mattress was not very padded and the pillow was a bag of rocks. Still, it was okay, except for the noisy people in the morning.
I didn’t use the sauna because I got home too late last night. I did meet up with Bert and Andreas (and later Elon) in the common area, where they have reclining chairs and four different TVs, two of which were showing strange Japanese pornography at night.
There’s also a manga library and a bunch of slot machines. I put 100¥ in as my first gambling experience. I guess I lost. I don’t know why people play slot machines. It was very boring.
They also provide towels, toothbrushes, hair brushes, soaps, and pajamas. You don’t need to care for much. I think this place is aimed at the unprepared and the useless people in society. They sell a passable breakfast. Toast in Japan is awesome; it’s thick, like Texas toast.
Anyway, it was all good overall. Definitely worth the wacky experience. After all, I always say that you only need a bed in the end.

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