Well, the day finally arrived: I tried sushi in Japan. In fact, it was my idea to eat it tonight. I tried to keep an open mind, especially since there was no seaweed, but every second felt like a violation of my very soul.

It was a horrifying experience, so far past my comfort zone that I think will experience post traumatic stress disorder. I was, however, surprised to find there truly is no taste to fresh fish. But that didn’t make it better: I knew what I was eating. It’s probably combining into a super fish and swimming around in my stomach as we speak. So disgusting. I even bit one up to the tail.

So I’ve done it. I’ve tried sushi in Japan. It didn’t taste bad (unlike tempura, which tastes like deep fried ocean) but it was a horrifying ordeal, which I hope never to repeat. I’ll never be the same again after this harrowing experience, and not just because I began it by spilling a fresh, hot bowl of miso soup onto my pants.

21/07/14 – never forget.

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