Heading home on Deutsche Bahn!

Well that was an awesome trip. In total, it was over 260km, over three days. I’ve got some soreness in the legs but I’m feeling totally fine over all. Here are some learnings:

– Gear is important!! Padded biking shorts were a life saver (in that they saved the lives of my future children). Side bags are also vital to avoid back and shoulder pain!
– Hydration and food are equally important. Drink and eat before you get hungry and thirsty to keep endless energy flowing.
– Dressing in layers will let you ride in any weather. Cool mornings don’t have to wreck the trip!
– People in Baden-Württemberg really love Jesus. You can’t ride more than a few kilometres without seeing a statue of Jesus.
– My body rules.

2 thoughts on “Heading home on Deutsche Bahn!

  1. Hello Matthew, Glad you made it to France. Sounds like it was a great experience. I cannot wait to hear all the stories. Any good food? I guess you are on your way home. Sit back and relax and enjoy all that scenery….and think you covered all that with your bike. Talk soon, Mom.


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