Another successful journey. 107.22 in 6 hours and 1 minute. A new record in length! It really wasn’t that bad. We followed the Rheintal-Weg 90% of the way and quite a lot of it was extremely well maintained and signed. I’m really happy with how well my body has performed but eating right and having the proper gear was just as important. Many learnings went into this thus far successful journey.

Baden-Baden is a nice city but we won’t stick around to check it out. It’s definitely well-positioned, with the Schwarzwald all around it. Nice landscapes. Since it’s a spa town, we took the evening to recouperate in the sauna and thermal waters. It was great. But now I’m ready for bed.
Oh, they had a themed Aufguß, where the towels were from different countries and the people were dressed like pilots or stewardesses. There was an audio track that framed the Aufguß instructions like a fasten your seatbelts airline thing. It was pretty weird and hilarious.
60km left tomorrow. Then we are in Strasbourg, France. Mmmm baguettes. Should probably get a Flammkuchen.

One thought on “Baden-Baden!

  1. WOW!!! I am so glad that your trip is going so well. Just another 60km to go. What a wonderful feeling it will be when you cross over into France. It sounds like you are having a terrific time. What a great way to spend Easter morning! Enjoy the bread…I wish you could have a coffee for me. The best cup of coffee I ever had was in France. Have a great rest of the trip; Lots of love and good wishes from everyone here. Happy Easter, Love Mom.


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