Bike Tour to France

Well that’s great. I wrote a big post and the app crashed and lost everything. I am experienced enough from my trip to know I should have copied it just in case but I was too lazy. Now there will just be a summary.

– 94.70km in 5 hours, 9 minutes
– feeling pretty good
– in Heidelberg. 92 km to Baden-Baden tomorrow. Then 60 to Straßburg on Sunday.
– Rhein people are way more friendly. They all nod or say Guten Morgen, as you ride by. In Baden-Württemberg, they don’t acknowledge you.
– Padded bike shorts – yes.

2 thoughts on “Bike Tour to France

  1. It was fine dressing in layers. It rained early in the morning before we left and then never again, except some drizzle that no one could complain about. Was down to shorts mid-trip.


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