Calling Canadians

I just got off the phone with Mountain Equipment Co-op. I was inquiring about renting cross country skis at some point during the Christmas break.

Every time I call some store or support line in Canada, I am always happy to hear the friendly Canadian on the other end. It’s like a breath of fresh air in the cold German social world. It’s not that Germans aren’t friendly, it’s just that Canadians are a million times friendlier. I get the same feeling when I step onto an Air Canada plane in Frankfurt airport. Incidentally, the girl I met on the train home through Germany actually asked me if we take special classes as children to learn how to engage in small-talk, so foreign was the concept to her German psyche.

I was just telling (Jewish) Mike (sorry, Mike, that’s how you’re identified) that I should call up random stores and support lines each day to boost my mood. I could call up Futureshop and ask if they have some obscure electronic device that doesn’t even exist or maybe call CIBC and tell them I’m interested in opening a savings account and would like to know my options.

Oh, yes, I am interested in hearing more aboot a Rogers cable subscription. Do tell.

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