Gerade im Zug

I’ve been on my way for a couple hours now, cutting across Switzerland and Austria, in a mad dash for Bratislava. I didn’t book anything yet, in case I don’t make it. We’ll see where I end up but if it doesn’t work out, I’ll just stay somewhere in Vienna.

I don’t want to use up all my Internet posting pictures but wow wow wow is this trip amazing. We’re cutting through the alps, with beautiful forested mountains and quiet villages on every side. Lake Zürich was absolutely incredible. I don’t mind being in the train all this time because the trip itself is like a non-stop nature sightseeing tour!
The weather in Zürich yesterday was terrible and my delayed train meant I lost the day but rays of sunshine are always to be found everywhere and yesterday was definitely no exception.
As I was checking in, a French girl came to check in also. I thought her accent was a bit different but I asked anyway if she was from France. Actually, she was from Québec! Both of us had been traveling all day and neither of us had eaten, so I asked to join her in a search for food.
We wandered about, talking about Canada, travels, language, and politics (yes!!), and ended up settling on spaghetti. Later, we went back out to walk around the town for the rest of the night; she said she was a huge walker and both of us were convinced we could walk longer than the other. So we got back around 1am.
It was nice to have the company and was a great way to salvage the day. So now I’ve hung out with someone from Manitoba and someone from Québec. Tomorrow, it’s gotta be Ontario.
Well, I’m going to keep staring out the window and having my mind blown.


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