Eastern Europe

Met some black guys from Somalia at the hostel. One lives in the town and the other guy is visiting from Norway. He said despite having the money, his friend was refused from every hotel he went to. They have another friend who just got into town and he also has been rejected from two hotels so far. Yes, I have truly arrived in Eastern Europe. Cue the Soviet anthem.

Also, they said Bratislava sucks and isn’t nice looking at all. And they’re from Somalia.
Good thing I’m going to Prague tomorrow!
Here’s the view from my window:


3 thoughts on “Eastern Europe

  1. Your head must want to explode with all these amazing views. Thats where a train ride through Canada would be so boring until you get to the West. I am sure you will love Prague. (the one place I have been, that you haven't). We are heading to Bert's for dinner tonignt. The meet the parent and eat Polish food…I am very excited! Opa leaves for Germany today. Talk soon. Safe travels.


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