The Alps

I got up early this morning to catch the 8am train out of Rome, direct to Milano, where I could take another train to Zürich. In typical Italian style, the Italian train was fashionably late and I didn’t make the connection!

Well, it at least gave me some time to grab a piece of pizza and a doughnut. I also checked out the inside of the Milan train station, which is a palace in itself. It’s massive!
I’m guessing the train to Zürich would have had its own beautiful sights but I had to take a later one to a Swiss town called Brig. The sights were amazing!! How have I not spent more time among the alps? I have no clue. Brig itself seemed to be situated in the middle of mountains. I really don’t know anything about the town but I’d like to.

The trip to Zürich turned out to be pretty flat but at least we passed by Bern. I didn’t get to see much from the window but it’s a nice city. I guess that was about a year and a half ago since I was last there.
The bad thing is, it’s pouring rain terribly so I think this city is a loss.

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