Well I spent the day wandering Rome. I took few pictures, since I just wanted to enjoy the atmosphere. In fact, I only took any photos atop of St. Peter’s; I didn’t climb up there last time. Funnily enough, the most dishonest people I’ve ever seen in line ups was at the Vatican. Go figure.

I also checked out the big park and I’ve gotta say, it’s the worst big city park I’ve been to. In fact, Rome is really lacking in green space. I’m starting to think maybe Florence is better after all but I still don’t know.
I randomly came across a place I ate last time I was here. It was a great three course meal. This time, there were no deals for courses to be had and the meat was sub-par. The rigatoni was awesome, though. And they gave me no free bread. What the heck.
I have realised that Rome is way better in February. It’s still overrun even in October! You couldn’t even move inside St. Peter’s. And they obviously have better food deals in the off season. I would highly recommend against coming here in the summer; I don’t even want to imagine it being worse than it is now.
Also, they have cleaned the coliseum since a few years ago.
After walking over 20km today, I am off to Switzerland tomorrow. I am going to bathe in the order and timeliness. But I will miss crossing traffic anywhere and any way I like. I think I haven’t obeyed traffic rules in a month (Mom, don’t read this paragraph).
I’ve had a lot of fun speaking Italian. One sandwich lady even said my Italian was good, which was one of those feel-good lies you can enjoy basking in for a few minutes until you are honest with yourself.
Ciao, Italia!


4 thoughts on “Roma

  1. Off to Switzerland, that should be exciting. I don't think you have been there before. Is the weather getting colder. They are calling for snow later this week, here in Barrie.I don't think it will happen. I am glad you are leaving that crazy traffic. Funny, I had already thought how bad it is there in Italy; traffic that is. Have fun, safe travels.


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