I realised that I haven’t posted anything lately. I’ve been pretty tired and haven’t felt like writing. I won’t write much now either.

After I left Florence, I went to Monteriggione, an old medieval fortress, made famous by Assassin’s Creed. It turned out the game made a lot of it up but it was still neat to check it out. I always wondered how it looked; I just wasn’t prepared for it to be, like, 1/10 of the size. On the way to Rome, I dropped by Sienna, which is another really nice Tuscan town. I just spent a few hours walking around and had a great pizza. I wouldn’t mind going back some day to spend some more time in Tuscany, either to bike ride or hike.
Today, I made the trip down to Pompeii. First of all, Italy is the most beautiful country in the world. My God. The mountains and sea and hills and architecture… and then you see Vesuvius, the volcano that buried Pompeii. Just amazing. I want to hike up there some say, maybe in combination with a trip to the Almafi coast.
Pompeii itself is quite interesting but difficult to appreciate without more information. It’s nice to imagine how it all was and look at some of the restored houses but it would have been better with a tour or with someone who is deeply knowledgeable about the era. Still, it was cool and also something I’ve been wanting to see for a while.
The train ride home was again amazing. You just can’t take in all the scenery. It’s too amazing. I don’t even know why Italians would ever need to leave Italy, other than to, you know, find jobs. (burn)
I’ve just been lazing around this boring hostel for a few hours, looking into final plans, etc. I booked a night in Zürich and will make my way somehow to Prague. I might pop into Bratislava for a night, as I’ve never been to Slovakia. I’m also hoping riding the train through Austria will be beautiful.
I was glad to meet a German guy in the hostel last night, so I could speak some German. Made me feel at home, which is too weird of a feeling to come to terms with. I’m looking forward more and more to sleeping in my own bed.
Well, I’m too lazy to post any photos, so I will just look for a random one from Pompeii.

Poor two thousand year old dead guy.

2 thoughts on “Buonasera

  1. Hi Matthew…so jealous of your Italy visit. Although I would be drinking coffee and eating bread dipped in olived oil all day. I guess you are starting to wind down, nearing the end of your trip. Enjoy!!!
    Talk soon, safe travels!


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