Disappointing meal in Florence!

It has long been my dream to track down one of the tastiest things I’ve ever eaten, some cheese and salami in Florence, at a place beside the cathedral.

I retraced my steps and found the exact place but what I was looking for was missing from the menu!!!!
Still, I decided to sit down and go all out, since the pizza I had there was also excellent. Spoiler alert: it was a bad idea.

Typical free bread to start. Unfortunately, it was old and not very good.

I got Prosciutto di Parma and grilled mozzarella but I ate it before I took a picture. Instead, you get the world’s most famous failed piece of achitecture. The cheese sucked but the meat was too good for words. You could just let it sit in your mouth, absorbing the delicious flavour.

A sub-par lasagna, worse than some lasagne I’ve made myself. 0 points. Also, I took one bite and realised I forgot the Parmesan cheese. 😉

Meat + mozzarella. It was okay but Bruno makes better in Ingelheim, Germany.
Total price: 44.50€
Totally not worth it in any way. The weird thing is that I had substantially better food in August, at the height of tourist season. You’d think it’d be worse then.
Maybe I’ll have better luck tomorrow in Monteriggione, a small town in Tuscany, which was the base for Ezio in Assassin’s Creed!

4 thoughts on “Disappointing meal in Florence!

  1. Thanks for the food pictures. Was the 44 euros for the bread, meat and las. or just that plate with the meat? I love your reviews. Too bad the food was not as good as last visit. I have had that happen too with a dish I had at the Frankfurt airport. I am sure there are many more meals to have. Enjoy! Talk soon, safe travels.


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