Living the rich man’s life

So the regular tickets to Barcelona were sold out, meaning I had to pay 40€ for a first class ticket, giving me access to the fabled first class lounge.

This place is a laugh! There’s super comfortable chairs, free (bad) snacks, free coffee and tea and water, and lots of people trying to look important.
They’ve even shaded the windows, so we don’t have to look out at the common peasants, standing outside for the train like idiots! Stand there, peasants! Dream of my free packaged and disgusting croissant or my tea in a thin plastic cup! Dogs! Animals! Scum!
Anyway, today is a travel day. I will get into Avignon at the end of the day. It will be horrible but tomorrow will be great. It also means I am buying myself an undeniable chance to reach Italy. Prague can wait for another day.
Update: First class sucks. These seats are spaced so far apart that I can’t rest my knees on the seat ahead of me. And there’s nowhere to charge my iPhone. At least we each get our own arm rest. These people are all fools. I bet they ride first class just because they don’t want to ride with commoners. Some people looked at me like you don’t belong here.

3 thoughts on “Living the rich man’s life

  1. So, living the life of a rich man. What is the other area like?Is it really rough? So now off to Italy-the land of good food. I guess the weather will still be on the warmer side. I know how much you like Italy-will you check out areas that you have not been to? Talk soon, safe travels!


  2. I'm not going to Italy yet. First, I am going to Avignon and Monaco.

    Also, there was one awesome thing about first class: we got breakfast served, like it was an airplane.

    More anything? More everything!


  3. Hey! I was going to make the Seinfeld reference!

    So, instead I will ask you a bunch of questions like I am writing you an email and not replying to your blog.

    What is your favorite colour? Why is Ronan the best cat? How many times a day does Natalia say “No this”? What is your favorite city that you have visited so far? How can they serve tea in a plastic cup? How can giants complain about too much leg room? How much “souther” will you go? Why would anyone go to a beach naked? Did anyone comment on the circle on your back?


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