Monkeying around in Gibraltar

Actually, I was working on a post for Sevilla while I was in Gibraltar but I was having such a good time that I never finished it. Maybe I will or maybe I won’t. Probably not. It was a nice city with some amazing architecture. The Spain Place has to be seen with your own eyes.
At the hostel in Gibraltar, which was a huge dump, I met an older man from Northern Ireland and a nurse somewhere around my age (I can’t tell age) from Winnipeg. We had a good chat that night and then all hung out together yesterday. 
It was a ton of fun and the land around Gibraltar is beautiful. We walked for a good part of the day, up and down the hill and also stopped to play with the monkeys (or apes or whatever). There are also some really cool caves and tunnels to check out. Yesterday was definitely a highlight of the trip, up there in the top days with Mont St. Michel, and surpassing Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.
Also, here’s Africa:


5 thoughts on “Monkeying around in Gibraltar

  1. Oops – I meant to write that the man was a nurse too. And then an Australia nurse showed up before I left. I also met a nurse in Madrid, who works in Italy. So I guess it was a waste of money to get health insurance cause I'm pretty covered.


  2. Hello, that money picture is probably the craziest picture of seen…I had to take a second look-yes, thats Matthew with a monkey. Sounds like a
    great day. And you could see Africa too.
    Have a great day…safe travels!


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