Heading south

I’m on the train now to Sevilla, where 30 degree temperatures await. Madrid is summer (20-25) in the day but the mornings and nights are cold. I’m getting really tempted to just b-line it for the beach; I have a craving to go swimming in the salt water and escape the cities but I want to make it down to Gibraltar, so I’ve got to stay on track.

Sevilla is supposed to be beautiful. I haven’t decided if I will try to get to Gibraltar tonight or if I will give Sevilla more time to walk around. I have a feeling I will opt for Gibraltar, if possible, since I want a bit of a break from walking around and looking at cool stuff.
Speaking if which, I’ve recorded about 93km of walking in the past week. And here is a little look at where I’ve been so far:

A few of those are transfers but most are places I’ve been. I won’t put any more pictures for now because I only bought 50 megs for today, to book wherever I end up going tonight.

2 thoughts on “Heading south

  1. Hello….the weather sounds great. That can make such a difference. Sunday should be interesting there…since I am sure a lot of people are off to church. How are the hostels? Did you find a place to have your Thanksgiving dinner? We will be thinking about you today. We will share your travel stories with the family today. Enjoy…safe travels,


  2. Some hostels are great. Some are okay. The one in Madrid was a party hostel for idiots but I think Spain altogether is a bit of a party country for idiots. There's a reason they're bankrupt.


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