The Golden Compass

I just finished The Golden Compass but, before I go on, I will talk about the weather, so as to avoid anyone seeing any spoilers by accident. It finally poured rain today. I would have missed it almost entirely but I went out to look for a bit of food, while waiting for my train. I didn’t get anything, other than very wet.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the book. I don’t remember anything about the movie (except that I enjoyed it) but I have an overwhelming feeling that the book was a lot different because very little reminded me of the film.
It was also a lot darker than I expected! This is no lame-o Harry Potter 1 (is this even a children’s book? It’s at least in another league than Harry Potter, in terms of writing). Last chance for spoilers! I mean, you are always rooting for Lyra and know she will get out of it all somehow, until Roger dies and you’re like… what! And the child murder throughout the book is quite grim. In the end, Lyra is alone, with two horrible parents she wants nothing to do with and must battle against.
The book definitely takes an interesting spin on another world version of the Catholic Church. I hadn’t realised it would actually go so directly that route. I guess the movie did strip out a lot there and now I understand the controversy from ignorant Christians.
I think the author did a good job with Lyra’s character and with this whole world of dæmons. It left me wanting one. And I’m really looking forward to starting the next book. Good thing I have all three in one big compilation. It’s heavier than an e-reader but much more satisfying.

7 thoughts on “The Golden Compass

  1. Hello, I never read the book…but there is a bear? John Boy once fought a bear. Just saying. Anyways, did the rain stop? I guess you are in Spain. Will you stay in Spain for the weekend? We have had beautiful weather this week. Hope it stays for the weekend. Enjoy your day!


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