Time to blow this popsicle stand

So I think it’s time to make a temporary exit from France. Since I will be back for a few days, to visit Avignon, Cannes, Monaco, and Nice, I figure I should head on off to Spain. Now that’s a lot of traveling from Paris, so I’m going to break it up.

Tomorrow, I will leave early in the morning for Bordeaux. Although you could easily spend more time, I’m going to just give it 6 hours, which is probably a bit of a crime but you can’t win ’em all. Then main reason is the last train to Spain (heh that rhymes) is at 17:30 or so.
I will sleep in some town called Irun, which presumably only exists for that purpose. On Thursday, I will make my way to Pamplona, cause, well, why not?
Time to load up some Spanish lessons. Andele! Andele! Ariba! Ariba! Yepa! Yepa!

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