Wow. Mont St. Michel. This is a place you have to experience. No picture can adequately convey the feelings you get from being there. French architecture is amazing; the stone and the colours, the roofs, and the design of it all, something about all that just does it for me. I climbed to the top and went inside the abbey to find a mass in progress, shortly before the Eucharist. Hearing the choir echoing through the building was nothing short of beautiful.

The views from Mont St. Michel are breathtaking but the real treat starts when you make your way behind the island. At low tide, you can take off your shoes and trudge through the mud and water to walk kilometres out into the bay. At one point, the water came up to my thighs and the current was strong enough to require a concentrated effort to stay on my feet.

But it was all worth it. The unobstructed views of the abbey from afar were magical. That it was a sunny day with a clear sky only made things better. I walked until I reached an island, where I took a short break for a bit of light bouldering and Geocaching. I didn’t manage to find it but neither did the last guy. I did, however, find two outside the abbey.

That was the one gross part of the trip. There was an excellently-hidden Geocache behind the abbey, where you had to climb some rocks and search. However, it seemed a couple thought this barely secluded area’s nearby abandoned structure was a good place to “get to know each other better”. I didn’t see anything but I heard enough. Well, I had found the Geocache, so it was time to get out of there and begin the mental blocking procedure.
As long as you avoid those French lovers who just can’t help themselves, I can only recommend Mont St. Michel a million times over. It was worth the trouble getting here, which really wasn’t much. I hope to go back someday with somebody who would enjoy it as much as I did.
On my way out of town, I picked up a kebab. The bread was excellent, of course, but the kebab was overpriced (5€30???) and not very good. The people were actually French, so I guess that’s why. The most hilarious part was the French people drinking wine and eating kebab. Definitely the funniest part of the trip so far.
As I write this in the train, I am watching an amazing sunset. They are incredible out here. Honestly, France is one beautiful sight after another. Tomorrow, I wake up in Rennes and plan to head directly to the city of Nantes. I have no idea yet what awaits me there.

7 thoughts on “Magnifique

  1. No, I had to explore that area because I wanted to walk around the whole island. Other people were walking by too. Like I said, it was barely secluded.


  2. (comment from Bertrand)

    L'incredible! Amazing adventures so far.

    Do you remember that one cache we found in Barrie that was named “Kiss at the Cache.”
    How is your French? Maybe that particular geocache name translated to “Shag at the Cache.”

    Perhaps they were only bonifide hardcore geocachers?


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