Classy day

Gonna keep this short cause it’s late. I thought I’d check out Oxford today. I made it, despite making an effort to mess up the trains. It’s quite a nice city / university town. I mean, the town is literally the university. Also saw some rather pretentious people at Subway. And I found two Geocaches. 😉

Then I went back to London, cutting through Hyde Park and past Buckingham Palace and Parliament, to cross the Thames to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Felicity, her boyfriend and I caught MacBeth there. It was a lot better than the boring high school version. I hope Danielle can make it to London some day for the authentic experience.
I’m off to York tomorrow, after some great hospitality in London!


5 thoughts on “Classy day

  1. Seeing Shakespeare in London, Buckingham Palace, AND making fun of pretentious people?! You had me until you said Geo-cashing … I didn't know they had Geo-cashing in places other than junk wrapped up in bottles hidden in random trees…. LUCKY!


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